Call for speakers

The Big Android BBQ is pleased to announce that we are accepting speaker applications for the 2013 Big Android BBQ in TX for Friday October 11th and Saturday October 12th. Anyone interested in giving a presentation to a community of 800+ developers and enthusiasts from the Android community should apply.

The Big Android BBQ is an annual conference during which Android developers and enthusiasts share and celebrate their passion for the Android mobile operating system. Since its establishment in 2010 the attendance at the Big Android BBQ has grown significantly each consecutive year, and we are projecting another large increase this year.

Our theme for 2013, “The Development Core”, focuses on Android’s core strength: its talented and diverse DEVELOPERS. The event kicks off on Thursday evening and continues through Saturday night with a variety of sessions covering a multitude of different topics. We are not imposing a strict time limit or presentation format. Let us know what you have in mind, whether it be a presentation or a workshop, and we will take it under consideration. Sessions with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation will be given priority, so put on your thinking cap and submit those killer session ideas!


  • Application Development: 101 - Android for beginners, a track of courses designed to turn an enthusiast into a new developer

  • Best Practices for Experienced Developers - A track of courses with sessions for experienced developers

  • Hack 'n' Mod - Sessions involving hardware and software hacking and modification

  • Android: Beyond the Phone - Sessions including watches, game systems, automotive, smart home, and other uses of android beyond the smartphone and tablet.


To make sure that we and the BABBQ13 attendees understand the level of detail in your session, we would like to be able to split the sessions into three levels:

  • Overview – No previous knowledge of the topic.

  • Intermediate – Attendees have a broad knowledge of the topic.

  • Advanced – The attendees have a deep knowledge of the topic.

  • Enthusiast - The attendees are there just for the love of Android.


We are accepting applications from individuals only; we will not accept a proposal from a company. Companies may be provided speaking time if they choose to sponsor the event.

If you would like to become a speaker at the Big Android BBQ, please fill out the form below.