Call for volunteers

Once again it’s the time of year to call for Big Android BBQ volunteers! We cannot do this event without you and need more help than ever to make 2013 bigger and better than any previous Big Android BBQ! Last year we had some amazing volunteers step up to the plate, and with this year's package we’ll need even more.

With that being said, we have changed the way volunteering works this year. We are going to go above and beyond to make the volunteers get the special treatment they deserve for working hard.

Here are few things we are going to do to make this year special!

  • You will experience the BBQ in a much different way.

  • You will have unprecedented access that others will not.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet directly with speakers and special guests.

  • You will be volunteering for the entire event (not one day).

  • You will receive special swag, such as a volunteer pin that is exclusive to volunteers ONLY!

  • You will also receive a Hitchhiker's Guide to the BBQ towel, 2 volunteer shirts, and a FREE ticket to the Big Android BBQ!

 What we need:

  • 20 volunteers to run shifts (making sure events are going smoothly)

  • 4 volunteers for the food prep team who will help with the AMAZING Ray Walters (can be requested, but Ray will decide at the BBQ)

  • 4 cooking assistants to help with preparation of onions, plating of food, etc.

  • 2 volunteer leaders (preferably volunteer from previous years or persons with other event experience)

 Now for the details:

Because you will be helping to keep the event running smoothly, you will not get the same freedoms or times to see the workshops as attendees. We continue to work hard to make volunteering for the Big Android BBQ a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. We must, however, stress this year that if you are selected as a volunteer, YOU’RE STICKING TO IT! See you in October!