Three Big Hitters Back at the Big Android BBQ!

We here at the Big Android BBQ are extremely excited to announce that Samsung, Cyanogenmod, and XDA Developers have all signed on as sponsors for the Big Android BBQ 2013! If you are into Android, then you are more than familiar with all three of these organizations, but let's take moment and briefly describe the awesomeness of each.


We'll start with Samsung. The Galaxy series has been a boon for the Android operating system. The S2, S3, and now the S4 are all flagship devices that pushed the envelope of handset features and design. 2013 marks the third year Samsung will be a part of the BABBQ. This year, however, they've decided to sign on earlier than in the past!

Next we have the Cyanogenmod team of developers: a group of developers devoted to providing you, the Android community, with a top-notch, AOSP Android ROM for a humongous list of handsets. They've been selflessly providing their coding expertise, open and free, since 2008 while helping to give back along the way.

Last, but not least, is XDA Developers, which is every Android enthusiast's go-to website for all things development; root, ROM, and everything in between. XDA Developers, especially the Developers Forum, has been an incredible resource for Android developers and enthusiasts since the release of the G1.