10 Reasons to Buy BABBQ13 Tickets NOW!

- A guaranteed weekend away from the daily grind! Get away for a fun-filled, relaxing weekend immersed in all things android. We will have the latest devices and accessories as well as the best food and drink. We've got all the bases covered!

- FREE BEER!!! *

- You get to hang out with other geeks that "get you"! Year after year, we hear back from Big Android BBQ attendees about the friendships that are formed and solidified during the event. You will be surrounded by fellow Android fanatics with the same interests; the 4.3 update, Nemesis, and the latest device specs.

- Remember how you felt when you were picked last for dodge-ball? That's how you'll feel if you don't come!

- Network with fellow developers and app companies and land your dream job! This year, the Big Android BBQ will see an increased focus on developers and the development community to include some top-name app development firms from across the United States!

- You can start honing your skills for the hack-a-thon! Details to be announced soon.

- Ray Walter’s Famous BBQ! This year's end-of-event party will be catered by the man himself, Ray Walters. He will be slow-cooking some of the best BBQ you have ever laid your lips on.

- General Admission tickets are on sale for only $49!!! *

- You don't want to get stuck at the pay-by-the-hour motel with coin operated beds in the bad part of town. .....with no / slow WiFi.

- Pick up some of the latest and best accessories for your Android device! With companies like Sony, Sphero, Cruzerlite, and Kingston in attendance, you’ll be privy to all the greatest Android gadgets and accessories.

There you have it! Now what are you waiting for!? We just gave you 10 SOLID reasons why you need to head over to the Eventbrite page NOW and purchase your Big Android BBQ ticket! See you in October!

* Free beer at the pool party and end of event party for attendees 21 and up.

** Discounted general admission tickets will only be available through Saturday, August 3rd at midnight CST. Use promo code top10