Code Kitchen Hangout On Air!

You've probably already heard about our big announcement from the Hangout on Air earlier this week; The Code Kitchen by Google Developer Group (GDG) Dallas!! The BABBQ is placing more of an emphasis on android development this year. The Code Kitchen will be made up of a series of development sessions for ALL skill levels, even beginners with ZERO experience!


This coming Wednesday, August 28 @ 9pm central, the BABBQ staff will be hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air to take a deeper look into the Code Kitchen by GDG Dallas. Aaron Kasten and Don Archer will be walking you through the sessions and detailing what some of our sponsors have in store for you in the way of Code Kitchen Challenges. Mark your calendars, or better yet, respond to this G+ event invite! We look forward to revealing more information about this exciting part of the BABBQ13!

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