Cruzerlite & Swappa: Back At This Year's Big Android BBQ!

That's right folks! Two of your favorite android focused companies, Swappa and Cruzerlite, have signed on to once again sponsor the Big Android BBQ!


Swappa is our favorite place to buy and sell our gently used android devices. In our opinion, it beats out those other sites for two BIG reasons: its cheap (there are no seller fees!) and you are protected from buy a dud device because of Swappa's attention to detail! Want to know more? Check out this page on 'Swappa vs. Ebay'.


Cruzerlite is EVERYONE'S favorite android case maker! Their cases look good, protect your device, and won't put a hurtin' on our wallet! There isn't much more to say! Cruzerlite recently released an 'Experience Case' that was designed by none other than your very own +Asher Simonds.

Stay tuned for more exciting sponsor announcements!

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