Doug Stevenson: Tips, Tricks and Secrets of the Android Multimedia API

The BABBQ staff is pleased to announce some of the awesome speakers that will be presenting at the BABBQ13.

First up, Mr. Doug Stevenson.

Doug is a Software Architect for DeNA working on the Mobage platform used by some of the top grossing games on the Play Store. Previously he was an Architect at GREE International working on their game platform, and Android team lead at SoundHound, one of the the Play Store's all time top applications. Doug also taught extended Android boot-camp classes in addition to Java classes. He is the developer of Act 1 Video Player, which is a personal project that has enjoyed success on the Play Store.

The topic of Doug's talk is 'Tips, Tricks and Secrets of the Android Multimedia APIs'.

"Make use of those extra cores in your new device! The newest generation of Android devices contains multiple cores, which when used properly can boost the performance of your application and enable a buttery smooth user interface.

However, threading and concurrency are never easy. There are many options for parallelization and backgrounding of the work that an app has to do, but which solution is appropriate for which circumstance? And what are the specific problems that can come up that are unique to Android?

In this class, we'll cover the upsides and downsides of plain Java threads, AsyncTasks, Loaders and Services. We'll discuss the situations where concurrency is necessary, and proven patterns that solve those problems. You will also take home working code samples that demonstrate these patterns."

The BABBQ is extremely happy to have Doug as a speaker and we are excited about the unique insight he has to share with you!

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