Jon Hancock: How I Made My First $100k On The Play Store

We've got yet another exciting and impressive speaker lined up for the BABBQ13. Mr. Jon F. Hancock.

Jon is a pioneer in the Android theme community. Having started, created the Droidicon app, and partnered with Tha Phlash to create Tha Icon Ultimate, he has cemented his place as an established and respected Android developer. His expertise lies in marrying web based services, ReSTfull APIs, and client side applications into end-to-end systems. He worked at Phunware Inc. on the official NFL ‘13 app, the CW TV Network app and others. He is now the lead Android developer at SignNow and working hard to modernize their Android app.


Jon's talk is intended for independent developers who want to know more about what it is like to do business on the Play Store. He will cover how his app rose from obscurity to one of the top 100 apps on the Play Store and it’s decline back down as I saturated my market. Along the way there will be anecdotes about an expensive, but failed contest, testing the market by adjusting app price to maximize net income, and dealing with angry customers through server outages. Developers should leave this talk with some ideas for how to price their app wisely, and some solid “what not to do” pointers.

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