Paul Oremland: Building For Multiple Screens

We are happy to announce another awesome speaker for the BABBQ13, Paul Oremland!

Paul has been a Senior Software Engineer at InfoSpace for the past year. He’s worked an a variety of projects including a Ruby on Rails Portal, a high performance/low latency .NET search stack, R&D for building infrastructure in the cloud including automated server builds using Chef, and most recently building an Android Mobile platform which extends the InfoSpace Search API. Previously, Paul spent some time at a Seattle start-up focused on building Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Bada mobile applications that focused on the presentation of long form audio/video. Prior to that, Paul worked as a Senior Software Engineer at MSNBC on their content management publishing platform, their video syndication system, as well as being a co-creator of their iOS iPad framework from which the Rachel Maddow, Today Show, and Nightly News iPad apps were built.

Paul Oremland

Paul's session, 'Building For Multiple Screens', will focus on how to build an application that targets multiple screen sizes using fragments. The session assumes that you're familiar with the anatomy of an Android application (Activities, Views, and etc...). During this session we'll build an Android application that utilizes Fragments to present a custom interface on both phones and tablets. We'll learn how to communicate and share data between fragments without breaking our Object Oriented boundaries using interfaces.

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