Why I Volunteer For The BABBQ: Shen Ye

Six years ago I started in Android with a G1 but didn't really get into the community until my parents bought me an HTC Hero. It was the first device I rooted, and I became the common power user with a ROM flashing addiction. I originally started theming Android for my own pleasure and a few people asked me to share it so that's when I began releasing themes for the community. Shortly after, I was brought into the VillainROM team where I helped out with ROM development and managing/improving the site.

Shen Ye

Once I started university, I was finding that I had little time to contribute, but still helped out when I could. I moved onto the Desire Z and the S2 afterwards. Google+ was released shortly after and that is where I met Aaron Kasten and a bunch of other brilliant people in the Android community including the CyanogenMod (CM) team and the guys from XDATV (at the time Sam Caplat, Azrienoch and SassiBoB). I was convinced to audition for XDATV and I started making videos for them, mostly development and news related.

I found myself constantly in Hangouts with guys from CM and the BABBQ. I slowly started helping out in graphics work for Aaron during the preparation for the second year of the BBQ. My role eventually involved planning and helping out the sponsors when they had questions/requests. I have yet to be able to attend because the timing of the event always clashes with university, but I really enjoy helping plan this event and seeing all the fun and excitement the attendees have during the special weekend. It motivates me to try and make each year better than the last.

The BABBQ is a great event for a wide range of Android users, whether you’re a hardcore developer or just the casual user, we’ll be hosting sessions and happenings suited for every person in the venue. There will also be swag and generous giveaways from our sponsors, so if you’re interested in meeting people in the industry or just want a fantastic weekend, I encourage you to come along. (Oh, and the actual BBQ is pretty good).

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