Why I Volunteer For The BABBQ: Stacie 'Daisy' Dauffenbach

Three years ago i made the switch from Windows mobile to Android. I would have never guessed this mobile OS switch would not only change my life but also create lifelong friendships.

Being able to 100% customize my phone and make it as pink as I could get it quickly became an obsession. With my husbands assistance, I also became quite addicted to flashing custom ROMs and discovered a few amazing developers, like CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android, along the way. We discovered the awesome Android community and I began editing blog posts and managing social media for one of my favorite girly sites,  AndroidGals.

One day I tweeted a guy name Adroidian (aka Aaron Kasten). At the time, Aaron was a co-host on AGTN which was AndroidGuys' Thursday Night podcast. Aaron and his co-hosts liked my sassy internet Android ways and asked me to become their News Gal.The Big Android BBQ was a very popular subject on the show and I was asked if I would start helping out with the 2nd annual BBQ. Since my husband and I's new obsession was Android and we had already planned on attending, how could I say no?


In 2010, I began helping Aaron stay organized; managing social media and reaching out to sponsorship opportunities that I had connected with from my interactions with AndroidGals/Guys. At the time, my IRL job was accounting/internal auditing. All of these Android experiences inspired me to look for a job in a field I loved and enjoyed. Little did I know that it would end up helping me get a job in marketing in the same industry I had worked in for over a decade. I now wake up every morning excited to go to work. I am able to do something I absolutely love; manage a blog and social media for the nation's largest home security company, Protection 1.

Volunteering for such an amazing community these past 3 years never seemed like work. How could it be? I'm constantly surrounded with amazing people with the same obsession. I'm not sure how my life would be without these Android experiences. My "online internet friends" have become my IRL friends and my "just for fun" hobby has become a career.

I truly enjoy helping with the Big Android BBQ. Without it, my life would not be the same. I look forward to the event all year long and even count down the days until I get to be reunited with friends that I know will last a lifetime.

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