Why I Volunteer For The Big Android BBQ: Mercedes Pang

For Love & The Team

2010 was the first year I attended the Big Android BBQ. I knew very (very) little about Android. The most I could tell you was my phone ran it, and it worked. Technology was foreign to me, but it made my life easier and I needed it.  Keyan Mobli, a friend at the time, introduced me to CyanogenMod, and boggled my mind with software developer codewords, flashing my phone, and the community he was actively involved in.  He convinced me to attend the Big Android BBQ (BABBQ) to see what it was all about. From there, I met countless, stunning and intelligent  individuals with the same strong compassion for development. I was truly blown away by the witty interaction between everyone who all shared the same goal -- to learn and build together.


Fast forward to 2011 -  Keyan and I started dating. I was training for a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society race, and I needed to raise $1,800 in little less than a month in order to qualify for the half marathon run.  I had very little hope I was going to be able to do it, but Keyan suggested trying a raffle at the BABBQ.  So we reached out Aaron Kasten and together we obtained some awesome tech prizes from a variety of  companies who were willing to donate to the raffle. By the end of the BABBQ, we raised a whopping $2,150 for blood cancer research and patient care.  My heart was singing!  I was, again, blown away by the tremendous support from the BABBQ and the Android community.  I ran the half marathon that year and finished with flying colors with Android on my mind. I could not have done it without everyone.

Now, here we are in 2013. I am volunteering to show the same support the Big Android BBQ shared with me. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful community that works together to achieve great things.

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