Adrian Lee-Kwen: Lessons Learned In Developing Software For Pebble,Sony and MetaWatch Smart Watches

With all the buzz surrounding smart-watches recently, we are extremely excited to have Adrian Lee-Kwen join us this year to talk about developing for Android smart-watches.


Adrian's session will be on 3 key parts:

1) Overview of some interesting (existing) use cases for smart-watches with a focus on the Pebble and Sony and Metawatch

2) Programming model for the various smart-watches and the (inherent) challenges of Android - (e.g. something as simple as send/subject of email is not so simple to get that info to the Watch for every email app on every android device and OS version)

3) Lessons (sometimes humorous) learned in developing an accidental paid app for the Sony that has turned into the #60 top grossing app in the US (as of April 12, 2013)

Adrian is the inventor of Augmented SmartWatch Pro (the #1 paid app on the Android store for the Pebble, MetaWatch and Sony smartwatch). Needless to say, he is passionate about Smart watches for Android.

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