Daniel Ward - Reaper: Mobile Data Collection

Add Daniel Ward to the list of impressive speakers at the BABBQ13!


A little about Daniel's talk:

The present state of data collection and communication for mobile devices is a complicated mess. There are many technologies that need to work together to make simple communication to a remote API useful. Reaper is an automated Ruby on Rails server that generates the code for Android and iOS devices to talk to a ready made or existing Ruby on Rails API. WIll shorten development time when you need to work with remote systems. Reaper hopes to change the complexity of building API systems. Reaper helps those with limited API and database experience, implement systems to make mobile devices more comfortable with cloud based information systems.

Daniel is a Research Software Engineer at the University of New Orleans working with Mobile Systems. He will receive my M.S in Computer Science in Summer 2013. He has been developing for Android since early 2011 and teaches courses on Mobile Development.

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