David Carver: Serenity for Google TV

The Big Android BBQ is happy to have David Carver speak at this year's event! David will be discussing Google TV.


More on David's discussion:

This session will take a look at the design considerations that one must take into account when designing for the TV. While many android tablet apps will work on a Google TV with a few tweaks to the AndroidManifest, there are navigation and visual considerations to address.

We'll take a look at Serenity for Google TV a Plex Media Server client, and the design approaches that it took in making a clean, easy to navigate, and visually appealing application for Google TV.

The project is open source so attendees can download the code from GitHub and hack at it to improve and learn about Google TV development.

David Carver has over 20 years in software development, ranging from the big old Mainframe to mobile applications. His primary expertise are in E-Commerce and business to business development and deployment. He is a principal software engineer at Intalio, providing private cloud solutions.

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