David van Tonder: From Android Noob To CyanogenMod Developer

Have you thought of trying to get into android development but figure you don't have the skills? David van Tonder will be joining us this year to tell us his about his journey of going from a noob to a Cyanogenmod contributor. Maybe he will inspire you to take that first step and finally get in the game!


David will cover 3 main sub-topics:
1) Tips on how to start in Android development including useful books, forums and other resources
2) How to start contributing to CyanogenMod
3) Review some of the basic UI/UX guidelines we adhere to when we develop or review features.

David is a Banking Technology executive that just happens to be a hobbyist Android Developer. He started in November 2011 with a few small ad-hoc contributions to CyanogenMod and around July of 2012 'officially' became a member of the CyanogenMod User Interface and Experience Team and has been heavily involved with the initial CM7 to CM9 feature re-write and the subsequent CM10 and CM10.1 forward porting activities. In his role, he regularly interacts with aspiring new contributors to CM in an attempt to both foster new talent and improve our overall feature set.

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