Drew Suarez: ClockworkMod Recovery Porting

We've got another exciting speaker lined up for the BABBQ13! Drew Suarez from the CyanogenMod Team will be giving a presentation on porting ClockworkMod Recovery.

2013-05-18 15.14.23

Drew will give an introduction to the Android bootable recovery system and how to create recovery for new or otherwise unloved devices. He will explain some basic Linux concepts as well as how to use the CM source repo to get started on porting Android to a new device.

Drew is a computer security consultant and an avid Android enthusiast. He is the lead maintainer of the CyanogenMod wiki and likes to build recoveries for new or unloved devices.

Want to know more about Drew's BABBQ13 talk? Join our very own Aaron Kasten for a Google+ Hangout On Air on Thursday, September 12th. Aaron will be joined be Drew and his fellow CM team members Koushik Dutta and Steve Kondik. The topic of the Hangout will be these Cyanogenmod member's presentations at this year's BABBQ.

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