Kimberly Unger: UI Hacks In Unity3d

Kimberly Unger wears a lot of hats. Gamer, futurist and CEO of a gaming start-up (Bushi-go), just to name a few. We could not be more excited to add Kimberly to the already impressive list of speakers at this year's BABBQ. Kimberly will be discussing UI hacks in Unity 3D.


A bit about Kimberly's talk:

Like everyone else, Bushi-go ran into problems with scaling UI across multiple devices for our mobile games. Since we have been working with a 3d engine (Unity3d) we have found ways to circumvent classic issues with scaling and UI placement that require a little more setup, but only single set of art assets. This talk gives an overview of what we did, the tools we used and how we have rolled this into our design methodology moving forward.

Kimberly runs a teeny weeny mobile games startup with some really big ideas. She has written two textbooks on mobile game development (GDE: Mobile Game Development and The Official GameSalad Guide to Game Development) and has been working as a games artist and designer in the mobile space since 2001 (Do you remember J2ME? She remember J2ME...) She has been breaking sh*t on computers since the Apple IIe was new and nifty, and has continued her bad habits with both the Android and iOS operating systems. She can speak in complete sentences (gasp!) and usually has some pretty pictures to show to go with her presentations.

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