Libby Chang: Designing For Google Glass

Only 26 days until the BABBQ13 and we are STILL rolling out some amazing speaker announcements!

Libby Chang currently runs the Society of Glass Enthusiast (SoGE) Asia and co-runs SoGE San Francisco Bay Area. The goal of SoGE is to encourage people to experience Glass and interact with other Glass users. As an organization, we host social events as well as technical.  Libby is also one of four cohosts on the weekly podcast Glass Podcast.


Libby will be speaking about designing for Google Glass. Here is bit about her session:

"Wearable computing has recently gained traction in the tech world. The Google Glass user experience is unique in many ways. The guidelines for designing a successful application for Glass may not always follow the same principles as a traditional mobile device or website. Currently, sound may not be shared outside of the individual user as well as immediate interactions with the screen. The size of the screen is also not conducive to a page/card that appears "busy". Apps using the touchpad of other mobile devices may not work the same on Glass."