Lukas Jarosch: How About Some Multiplayer?

One more awesome speaker for the BABBQ13! We are elated to have Lukas Jarosch joining us this year to discuss android game development.


A bit about Lukas' talk:

I would like to show Game Developers how easy it is to add a multi-player mode to their game using the open source framework Lounge, and how they can benefit from it the most. Most importantly how to reach the critical mass of players that are need to generate enough friction between players so that matches actually can be created and played. I will also show some generel do's and dont's as well as the best practises creating multiplayer functionality focused on a good mobile experience.

In 2009, Lukas Jarosch studied Computer Science with a concentration in software engineering and Android development at California Polytechnic State University. He then co-founded ANDLABS GmbH based in Munich Germany, a development company specializing in Android. ANDLABS has experience developing Android mobile applications for industries ranging from automotive to gaming.

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