Nicolas Klein: An Introduction to Google Play Games

If you are like us, you've spent quite a bit of $$ on Google Play games. We are excited to announce that Nicolas Klein, Google Play Games engineer, will be speaking at the BABBQ13!


Here's a blurb about Nicolas' presentation:

Games are mobile, they’re social, and they’re an important part of Google Play. Join us as we explore Google Play Games, a gaming platform for the next generation of games, with services to make your games more social, like achievements, leader-boards, and multi-player, as well as more powerful, storing game saves and settings in the cloud. By building on Google’s strengths in mobile and cloud services, you can focus on what you’re good at as game developers: creating great gaming experiences for your users.

Nicolas is an engineer on Google Play Games. He's been working on building services to help make it easy to add awesome features to your apps and games.

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