Steve Kondik: The Future Of Cyanogenmod

The Big Android BBQ staff is thrilled to announce that Steve Kondik, aka Cyanogen, will be giving a special presentation at the BABBQ13 on the future of Cyanogenmod.

Most of you already know that Steve founded the CyanogenMod project, the most popular non-Google "aftermarket" distribution of Android. Steve is also a dedicated, driven software engineer with a good eye for making lots of moving parts work well together. he is highly opinionated and loves learning new technologies. Some of his specialties include:All things Java, mobile development, ANDROID!, GIS, HL7, systems integration, Unix of all shapes and sizes, clustering, infrastructure, finding the right tool for the job, knowing when to share.


Want to know more about Steve's BABBQ13 talk? Join our very own Aaron Kasten for a Google+ Hangout On Air on Thursday, September 12th. Aaron will be joined be Steve and his fellow CM team members Koushik Dutta and Drew Suarez. The topic of the Hangout will be these Cyanogenmod member's presentations at this year's BABBQ.

Have you purchased your BABBQ13 ticket yet?! Ticket sales will be ending SOON on September 12th. Head on over to our Eventbrite page NOW and grab yours!