Why I Volunteer For The Big Android BBQ: The Michael Lipson

First, I should probably address the elephant in the room.  Why did I wait until we’re 12 days out to write this?  Mostly, because I’m a procrastinator… But, also because what I want to say won’t sell tickets, so I didn't feel a sense of urgency to get it on the site by any deadline.  In fact, I only hope that what I have to say inspires more people to participate in future Big Android BBQs.

The question “why I volunteer at the Big Android BBQ?” doesn't have a single definitive answer to me.  For me, half of it is the feeling I get working closely with amazing individuals to deliver on something so great.  The other part, is delivering an event that brings together hundreds of passionate enthusiasts for an amazing weekend.


What I do:

This year, my role with the BBQ is that of server administrator, developer and speaker coordinator.

The team:

This will be my third year on the BBQ staff.  Each year the experience has been vastly different, however it’s always been a memorable experience. After putting in basic effort the first year, I knew I wanted to be more involved going forward and this was my chance.

My niche, the tiny application team consisting of Allie Ogden, Asher Simonds and myself.  The opportunity to work alongside these geniuses has been nothing short of a privilege. Asher has blown me away with his designs, while Allie’s been implementing them to the pixel (dip, in this case?) flawlessly.  We have done things this year that just seemed impossible in previous years, and it’s something I really take pride in… Even if any and all app crashes are my fault.

The bigger picture, the rest of the team is full of honest and hardworking individuals.  I can’t imagine another situation where I’d have the opportunity to work with people like Corry Robb, John Katzman, Aaron Kasten and Ray Walters. Each of these people continually impress me with their dedication, hard work and sometimes even natural talent.  It really is quite an honor working and learning alongside these people.

The event:

Being part of a team that puts on an event is an amazing thing.  We bring hundreds of Android enthusiasts together hundreds of enthusiasts and developers to learn, network and celebrate their love for the best mobile operating system.  As an attendee, volunteer

Why me? Why was I chosen?

I get sh*t done.

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