Why I Volunteer For The Big Android BBQ: Cee-Jay Mabin

In 2010, through tuning in to Android Guys Thursday Night (AGTN), I found out about the Big Android BBQ. I knew that I wanted to go, but I couldn’t due to timing; I had prior commitments during the same weekend. But that didn’t stop me from tuning in to nearly every event that was being streamed. After the event, I told people like Aaron Kasten, Ray Walters, and Stacie Dauffenbach that there was no way I’d miss the event next year. One way or another, I’d be in Austin.


I made good on my word. In 2011, I flew to Texas to meet the people behind the monitors, hang with "friends" that I hadn't seen in person, learn more about the Android OS and devices, and have some of Ray Walters' meat. However, I quickly noticed that there were times when Aaron and crew needed an extra pair of hands to help out here and there. I made myself available for anything that he or the rest of the staff needed some help with: moving equipment, attendee relations, beer refills... It didn't matter. I realized that one person didn't make the event, but many people in numerous roles. It's this philosophy that has driven me to volunteer for the last two years, to help out however I'm asked. For the BABBQ13, I was tapped to help out with the volunteer schedule, making sure we have adequate staff for the various "jobs". It's a labor of love and respect; love for the Android OS, and respect for Aaron and crew for the countless hours spent organizing the sessions and activities that you, the attendees, enjoy. It's my hope that you enjoy the Big Android BBQ as much as myself and the rest of the staff, and hope to see you all in Texas again this year.

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