Why I Volunteer For The Big Android BBQ: Noelle Marchbanks

People are always baffled to find out I work on the Big Android BBQ.  They say, “But you use an iPhone!”  Yes.  I do have one.  And I’m a Microsoft .Net developer.  But that does not mean I can’t hold enthusiasm for the Android community as well.


My 6 year old daughter runs a Kindle Fire on CM 10.  My brother is an Android developer at Blue Fire.  I've been writing in open-source platforms since I was in high school and have a great appreciation for the power behind user-developed code.  Events like the Big Android BBQ allow us developers – no matter our level of expertise or audience – to share knowledge and experience and create a collective energy in the Open Source ecosystem. Because of this, when Aaron asked for volunteers for the BABBQ, I was more than happy to help.  I hadn't been to the previous BBQs (though visited in spirit over Google+, hash-tagging my Starbucks cups and tuning in to the hangouts), but this year I thought, “Yes.  I will do this.”  So far it has been a rewarding experience and I’m so glad I was asked to assist.

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