2014 Call For Speakers!

The Big Android BBQ is excited to announce that we are now accepting speaker applications for the 2014 Big Android BBQ for Friday October 17th and Saturday October 18th. Anyone interested in giving a presentation to influential developers, enthusiasts, technologists, and tinkerers from the Android community should apply.

The Big Android BBQ is an annual, grassroots event where the Android community comes together to share and celebrate their passion for the Android mobile operating system. The Big Android BBQ has grown larger in attendance and scope each year since its inception in 2009.

The event kicks off on Thursday evening and continues through Saturday night with a variety of sessions covering a multitude of topics. Let us know what you have in mind, whether it be a presentation or a workshop, and we will take it under consideration. Potential session topics include, but are not limited to: development 101, wearables, Google Glass, gaming, and monetization. Sessions with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation will be given priority, so put on your thinking cap and submit those killer ideas!

Please remember to provide as much detail as possible about your session. 

**We are accepting applications from individuals only; we will not accept a proposal from a company. Companies may be provided speaking time if they choose to sponsor the event**