The Big Android BBQ: Not Just A Developer Conference

There is no denying it, developer conference season is here. Everywhere you look you see the advertisements, calls for speakers, early bird ticket sales, and speakers offering the latest insights on Android. While other events promise certificates of completion just for attending a developer conference, at the Big Android BBQ, you may not get a certificate, but you will leave with:

- Partners to launch that new project with (or at least help you jump-start that idea you've been sitting on).

- Friends who love android just as much as you do, well almost as much.

- The latest information on flagship android devices and accessories from Sony, HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers.

- SWAG (Stuff We ALL Get)

- Pride at supporting the Big Android BBQ's 2014 charity, the Rapha House, which fights child trafficking and sex exploitation.

- All you need to know to cook delicious BBQ from Chef Ray Walters.

- The adulation of adoring fans when you win our adult big wheel race.

- SWAG. Did we mention swag? We're talking some of the best android swag you could ever imagine laying your hands on.

- The information and tools to help kick-start your coding career.

These are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest of the developer conferences out there. Yes, this event is amazing; that's why 94% of attendees say they will return year after year. The Big Android BBQ is not just a developer conference, it is the only developer conference with moist towelettes.

So what are you waiting for?  Register now!

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