2014 Big Android BBQ Schedule Overview

Thursday - 10/16/14
Registration Hyatt Hotel 3pm-5pm
Pool Party Hyatt Hotel 6pm-10pm

Friday - 10/17/14
Registration and sponsor showroom Hurst CC 8am - 5pm
Opening Keynote Hurst CC 9am - 10am
Speaker Sessions Hurst CC 10am - 5pm
Code Kitchen Hurst CC 10am - 5pm
Friday Night Party Hurst CC 9pm - 11pm

Saturday - 10/18/14
Registration and sponsor showroom Hurst CC 9am - 4pm
Speaker Sessions Hurst CC 9am - 4pm
Code Kitchen Hurst CC 9am - 4pm
Closing Keynote Hurst CC 4pm - 5pm
Sponsor Breakdown Hurst CC 4pm - 7pm
Saturday Night Party Hurst CC 6pm - 10pm

We will be posting a more detailed schedule with speakers and session titles very soon!

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