Speaker Spotlight: Jay Freeman (saurik)

The Big Android BBQ is known throughout the Android community for having the best and brightest speakers and developers presenting on cutting-edge topics.

This year is no exception.

We are excited to announce that Jay Freeman (saurik) will once again be speaking at the Big Android BBQ this year! Jay is the primary developer and community manager of Cydia, a platform for distribution and development of extensions to third-party applications on iOS. Substrate, which is also available on Android, acts as the core of Cydia, providing a library and framework that makes it easy for developers to perform modifications to third-party applications. He also develops Cycript, a popular tool for manipulating and exploring applications on iOS and Mac OS X at runtime using a highly-interactive JavaScript console. Jay spends an inordinate amount of his time speaking at conferences, on a variety of topics including technical, entrepreneurial, and political.

Session TitleAndroid Rooting/Modding, Legality and Ethics

Session Description: Google often discusses Android as being an "open" platform, and the first-party hardware they provide largely lives up to that dream. However, the Nexus line generally takes a minority stake in the market, and devices from companies like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are often locked down. Without the ability to change the software on these devices, third-party ROMs and runtime software modification tools can be limited or even impossible to use. Of course, for many users, these issues are difficult to appreciate given the large number of scarily fundamental security bugs found by the Android rooting and modding community, which generally have allowed most any device to install popular ROMs after a surprisingly short period of time. In this talk, I will discuss a few of these security exploits, and then go into some of the challenges related to their construction, distribution, and maintenance. In particular, I will be looking at the issues from the angles of legality and ethics, and ending with some things audience members can do to help the cause.

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