Speaker Spotlight: Dan Lew

Dan is an Android developer at Fog Creek Software where he works on the Trello Android application. Before that he was the principal Android engineer at Expedia, developing well-designed travel apps. While at Expedia (formerly Mobiata) he designed and released multiple applications (free and paid) that have garnered over a million downloads. In his spare time he has also worked on applications with hundreds of thousands of downloads. When not coding he writes blogs about code at danlew.net. He has also spoken at AnDevCon, Droidcon (UK), mdevcon (Amsterdam) and is a regular attendee of (and occasional speaker at) the local twin cities Android developer group.

Session TitleCustom Views for Profit and Pleasure

Session Description"Writing your own View? That's crazy! Have you taken a look at the TextView source code? That thing is about a million lines long! That's way too much work!"

If you've thought this in the past, then I'm here to prove you wrong! Custom Views are actually quite easy to create and make development so much easier. Every day custom Views need not be scary - for your regular app developer they can be a snap and will save you time and effort.

This talk will focus on the more practical elements of custom View creation: when to use them and how to set them up. In particular, we'll talk about simple extension of existing View functionality. We'll go over how to encapsulate pieces of your app in custom ViewGroups, simplifying your Activities. We'll discuss using custom Views and ViewGroups to improve performance. And we'll even dabble in drawing your own Views.

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