Speaker Spotlight: Dario Laverde

Dario is a senior developer evangelist at HTC. He has experience in software development for mobile, embedded, Web and enterprise. Among his various professional roles, he has worked as an Android instructor, consultant, Java architect, author and entrepreneur. Dario leads the NYC-GDG (Google Developer Group), the NYCJava JUG, and co-organizes the New York Android Developers Meetup. He also runs the New York City-based skylight1 open-source Android project group working Android Wear and Google Glass projects.

Session TitleAndroid and Devices: Leveraging what new in BLE

Session DescriptionWith at least 140+ APIs in the new BLE package alone on Android "L" and additional changes in existing Bluetooth packages, we can now better connect to IoT devices and debug easier now that BLE finally supports peripheral mode on Android. We'll now be able to implement new beacon solutions, create p2p applications, simulate devices. We'll also review BLE and classic Bluetooth and best practices for connecting to wearables like Android Wear and Google Glass and examine what can be done under the covers.

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