Speaker Spotlight: Jon Bauerle

Since his first tech job at an Internet Provider Startup in 1995, Jon has excelled at making Technology accessible to end-users. In demand as a Consultant and Speaker, his training techniques are both informative and entertaining. Staying on the front-edge of technology, then making it easy for the average user while still keeping a focus on good business practices is his specialty.

Always willing to help David beat Goliath, his passion is helping small businesses succeed, and technology is his weapon of choice. Proving Big Business Tools do not require Big Business budget, he helps businesses create tools and systems to encourage success.

Jon stays away from “canned” presentations, preferring to tailor each presentation to the needs of the organization and situation.

Session Title: Jon's 5 MORE Rules For Android Support

Session Description: Last year, Jon shared 5 Rules to make you more effective with Android Support. This year, he's back with 5 more Rules to keep you going!

We all know how important mobile devices are in the workforce. This session addresses the topic head-on, giving you some great strategies for maximizing support in your organization.

Miss last year? Don't worry... you will be able to jump right in with this year's session!

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