Speaker Spotlight: Joseph Cohen

Joseph is a board certified pediatrician and pediatric technology developer. He founded Cedar Park Pediatrics in 2005 and kiddoEMR in 2012.

Session TitlekiddoEMR-A call for developers

Session DescriptionA call to developers to develop for upcoming kiddoEMR platform. We believe we can save pediatrics from mundane menial tasks, rising costs of operation, and falling rates of reimbursement. We believe that our developer community can benefit in this essential and emerging area of technology. We would like to propose apps for automation, efficiency and privacy using big data, geofencing, mesh networking and HL7/HIPAA GRADE privacy. Doctors are being left out because the industry feels that we want to spend thousands of dollars a month instead of benefiting from apps like the public. I dont believe any hardware requirement is in force for this discussion

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