Speaker Spotlight: Linton Ye & Matt Giles

Linton Ye is an entrepreneur and software developer. He has unique perspective and experience to share as the creator of jimu Mirror, a tool that helps Android UI developers and designers save hours per day. Mirror significantly cuts down the feedback time in UI development with live, on-device layout previews (http://jimulabs.com). Linton has been writing apps before the first Android phone, HTC G1, was available. He devoted himself and his company into a mission of finding the best way to turn ideas into working software as quickly as possible. Eliminating the gap between UI design and development is jimu Labs’ first goal.

Linton Ye
Linton has taught classes and given talks about Android. He has full-stack experience in mobile, web technologies, development tools and user interfaces. Linton worked as a senior developer at IBM, and holds a MSc. in computer science at UBC.

Matt Giles is a software developer and co-creator of jimu Mirror. At jimu Labs he's working on eliminating the communication gap between designers and developers to help teams develop Android apps more efficiently. He enjoys creating tools that make Android development fun. 

Session Title: Kill Redlines, Embrace Live Prototypes -- Towards a new workflow for designing and developing rich user experiences for Android apps

Session Description: Designers, how do you like making design specs (e.g. redlines)? It’s boring but necessary right? What if your design could be directly used in development without any misplaced paddings, drop shadows or animation curves that you carefully considered and tweaked?

Developers, do you enjoy large numbers of seemingly minor UI tickets after you convert PSD comps to code? What if your designer could directly adjust the paddings, fonts and animations and you can focus on the functional side of the code?

There are a lot of communication issues and waste in a typical PSD-to-code workflow for developing Android apps. The increased focus on motion in Material design adds another layer of complexity. The widening gap between design and development undermines our productivity and product quality.

It is time to re-think our workflow. We need to empower designers to take direct control of the look and feel of the final product. We believe the key is to allow them to make “live prototypes”, high-fidelity prototype apps that run on target devices and can be smoothly transitioned to development.

In this talk, we’ll explore a new workflow concept for Android development where such “live prototypes” are heavily used to bring all project participants a lot closer. We will compare some existing tools and demonstrate new tools we’ve made in this space. We will also discuss our experience making apps using these tools.

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