Speaker Spotlight: Mark Scheel

Mark Scheel, author of Software Development for Google Glass, is the Android Platform Lead for iTriage, a major consumer application in the medical vertical with over 5 million downloads from the Google Play store. He is also President of Digital Construction, a technology consulting firm focused on Android. 

As Google Glass explorer #117, Mark has experienced the exciting growth of wearables first hand as a consumer and developer of wearable experiences. 

Mark has several graduate degrees and although he has finished many half IronMan triathlons, he never finished his Computer Science PhD. Mark also loves to trail run and snowboard in his home state of Colorado when he isn't hacking.

Session TitlePro Android Testing

Session DescriptionLast year this session was filled to capacity, and Mark is back to share pro testing techniques honed supporting an app with 5 million downloads and growing.

Learn how to set your apps up for success.

A special bonus section about testing software for wearables will be added this year.

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