Speaker Spotlight: Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy has over 20 years of software development experience. Professionally Michael has worked with Java since '96 with an emphasis on client side development using all the major graphics APIs starting with Netscape's IFC, Java2D / Swing, OpenGL/ES, all JDK versions including all versions of the Android OS. Michael has done extensive low level client app and custom 2D / 3D graphic engine development with Android since v1.0 and the G1 hit his hands. He is the creator of TyphonRT which is a component architecture and middleware development framework for Java / Android. Most recently he developed extensions to TyphonRT on Android supporting advanced media / video hardware accelerated encoding / decoding along with unique image post processing and editing applications.

Session TitleOpenGL ES 3.1 / Android Extensions Pack

Session DescriptionAndroid L brings many new APIs to Android including the latest OpenGL ES version 3.1 in addition to a group of optional extensions called the Android Extensions Pack (AEP). This session provides a survey of the most important additions in OpenGL ES 3.1 / AEP along with an overview of important functionality from OpenGL ES 3.0 that are useful in creating high performance rendering engines. In particular compute shaders and indirect draw functionality will be demoed with sample source code. Compute shaders provide an alternate GPU compute API besides Renderscript that is widely available on Android which works in conjunction with the OpenGL ES rendering pipeline. A discussion on the similarities of compute shaders versus OpenCL will illuminate the relationship of these APIs and associated use cases. Attendees will take away sample source code and an understanding of how OpenGL ES 3.1 / 3.0 / AEP enables state of the art graphics experiences on Android.

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