Speaker Spotlight: Stacy Wylie

Stacy is a Technical Lead with Oceus Networks and co-developer/partner of the LEDgoes product (from Kickstarter) by OpenBrite LLC. She made the first LTE-only phone and the first secured Android phone in use by the military (still in use today). She continues to innovate in that space and develop custom secure Android solutions for the US Govt. and various research entities in cellular technologies. Her knowledge set was developed by working in the Android community (childofthehorn) and a deep passion for Mobile computing. This is where she learned to hack, rip, port, develop, and invent.

Session Title:Timings of Init (discussion of Android Ramdisks)

Session Description: This would be a coverage of how the ramdisk works (inside the boot.img or recovery) for Android devices. We will cover things like the Encryption interface and basic startup for running your own scripts at or during boot.

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