Speaker Spotlight: Steve Kondik

Founder and CTO of Cyanogen, Inc. Steve created the CyanogenMod project in 2009 to satisfy his need to take things apart. A software industry and open-source veteran of 16 years, Steve has worked in many areas of technology including bioinformatics, Internet services, and mobile. Before starting the company, he led a research and development team at Samsung Mobile.

Session Title: What's Inside?  Part 1 - Audio

Session Description: This will be the first in a series of talk from Steve about the low-level goings-on of various system components. In this case, sound.  The target audience for this talk is systems engineers and of course ROM developers. This talk is a deep-dive into the audio features of the OnePlus One, how CM enhanced the audio stack, and how you can be sure your ROM takes advantage of these features.  One of the things Cyanogen got a lot of praise for on the One was how great it sounds, and how light it is on battery consumption when playing music.

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