Day One Wrap Up!

Today goes down as one of the most eventful and exciting days in Big Android BBQ history. Reto Meier, Timothy Jordan, and Chet Haase opened up the conference with a keynote on the history of Android and dropped some pretty exciting news about the latest version "Lollipop"; the final SDK and images for the Nexus line were being released TODAY!

The day continued with thought provoking sessions on Android VMs, audio, UI, testing, BLE, and Chromecast, just to name a few.
We end the day with our Friday night party sponsored by OPPO and look forward to many more informative sessions tomorrow starting at 9:30AM.
Don't forget that we will end tomorrow in grand fashion; first with a "Speechless" session a la Google I/O @ 4:30pm then with our traditional Big Android BBQ from 6pm - 10pm!