Speaker Spotlight: Derek Brameyer

Derek Brameyer is the Android Team Lead at WillowTree Apps. Managing a growing team of 13 full-time developers, he is constantly pursuing ways to reduce traditional pains associated with mobile development and make everything in life more efficient. WillowTree Apps is one of the largest mobile development firms in the United States. Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, their clients include companies like the NBA, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Harvard Business Publishing, ValPak, and the Verge. In his free time, Derek enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and working on his own open source efforts, including projects like BetterPickers, an Android library that backports new picker Dialogs.

Session Title: Tactics and Tools from a Professional Android Team

Session Description: We'll discuss the tools we use at WillowTree Apps and lessons we've learned that can help anyone from the solo developer to an enterprise-level shop. We will talk about how teams of all shapes and sizes are impacted by various areas of Android development, including:

• Dependency management
• Build systems (when to use Maven over Gradle and vice versa)
• Open-source libraries
• Developer tools
• Testing frameworks and organization
• Turn-key, archetype, and library projects
• Application distribution
• Static code analysis

You'll come away from this talk with tools and knowledge that will help make your apps more robust, your code more maintainable, and your development process more efficient. We will also discuss a number of open source libraries we have produced in-house that can make the development and deployment process more efficient. If time allows, there will also be an opportunity for Q&A where you can find out how a team of 13+ Android developers on different projects ever manage to get anything done.

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