Speaker Spotlight: Justin Marston

Justin Marston is the CEO at Hypori. Hypori is the market leader in Virtual Mobile Infrastructure - we provide access (from Android and iOS devices) to virtual Android devices running in the cloud. Our technology is being used for very sensitive apps and data in the US DoD, and has broader relevance to the corporate BYOD arena. To achieve this, we have become the first virtual handset manufacturer, modifying the Android frameworks and infrastructure stack to tune them for remote access. We are also using both SELinux and SEAndroid policies.

Session Title: Android from my iPhone

Session Description: We provide Virtual Mobile Infrastructure - access to remote Android virtual devices running in the cloud. Users with iPhones, iPads and Android devices can access these Android VMs. Our lead customers are in the US DoD, but we are broadening this to include BYOD - like VDI, but designed for a mobile device. To tune for performance and to make the sensors work, we have had to significantly modify the Android OS. We are also leveraging SEAndroid policies to improve the lock downs on the Android VMs. (I will be sharing the stage with our CTO for more technical questions. Attendees do not require laptops.)

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