Speaker Spotlight: Kevin Bruckert

Kevin is the technical lead for the user interface area of the NVIDIA SHIELD line of products. He's been working on Android since Froyo, and has developed both ROMs and applications. He has spent more than 50% of his time devoted to user experience design and implementation, the rest on software architecture in Android frameworks.

Session Title: User Experience Design in apps and ROMs

Session Description: User Experience is an often-overlooked aspect of software development, and Android is no exception. Whether you're writing the next big game or hacking together your very first ROM, user experience is a crucial element to success. User Interface is only part of the UX equation, and UX planning needs to be central to every aspect of the development cycle. With extra focus on the upcoming changes in the Android ecosystem like wearable technology and Android TV, we will cover how to make User Experience an integral part of everything you create.

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