Speaker Spotlight: Lorne Liechty

Lorne has been working professionally in Android since 2010. Since then he has built custom versions of the Android OS for retail kiosks, designed and implemented custom SDK addons, released applications suites... pretty much everything. He currently work at Bypass Mobile leading the development of our Android-based POS systems. In 2012 he taught a class on Android Fundamentals and have previously developed engineering curriculum for Texas A&M University.

Session Title: Android at scale

Session Description: It is my experience that most Android applications are initially developed without a plan for how to scale them in terms of data, users, features, etc. I would like to run through a set of best practices that I have learned for "Android at scale" can be achieved without sacrificing development speed and flexibility.

The talk will be very much oriented toward developers who are already familiar with the Android framework. It will include lots of discussion of code and software engineering concepts. That said, I intend to provide as clear and simple an explanation as possible, and I hope the information will be helpful to developers starting their first applications as well as those who have already completed several.

Some possible concepts to be covered:
* When and why to create Activities vs. Fragments
* Separating UI lifecycle and network operations
* Data persistence and why ContentProviders are under-appreciated

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