Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Martin and Hunter Lang from Sphero!

Patrick is the lead software engineer for the Sphero app at Sphero. He has worked on all of their in house augmented reality applications. His previous experience was in native game development, and he's been working on mobile games since 2009.

Hunter is a software engineer on the emerging tech team for Sphero. He is a Colorado School of Mines alum, and designed / developed the Android Sphero SDK with Wes. He works a lot of Unity programming on the back end side, and manages the bridges between cross platform c# and native code.

Session Title: Connected Play and Android

Session Description: Patrick and Hunter will briefly go over connected play, what it is, and why it's awesome. After a brief stop into where your phone fits into the equation, they will mention some of the high level reasons we use the Unity game engine for our driving software. They will also touch base on the benefits of Bluetooth and why it's cool.

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