Speaker Spotlight: Vladimir Kolesnikov

Vladimir is a Senior Program Manager working in Developer Experience team at Microsoft. He spent 15 years developing different kinds of applications in many areas of the technology – from geospatial systems to mobile games. His is focusing now on multiplatform native development and developer feedback process for Windows team.

1st Session Title:Building your app’s backend with Azure Mobile Services

1st Session Description: Are you building a mobile application targeting multiple platforms? You would probably need a fast and reliable backend – for implementing APIs, storing data, managing authentication and sending notifications. Microsoft has a service for this – Azure Mobile Service. Come to this session to learn more about building scalable, powerful and easy-to-start-with mobile services targeting devices on all modern platforms.

2nd Session Title: Going multiplatform with C++ and .NET 

2nd Session Description: C++ was multiplatform from the very beginning. There are plenty of libraries and tools that help us in building fast, robust, modern and, in the same time, multiplatform code. However, the reality shows that sometimes developers simply don’t know about opportunities they have for keeping their code portable. .NET is another great way for building multiplatform application. Despite well-known perception, Xamarin created a beautiful tools for developers across many platforms. This session will help you to get an overview and some demos of frameworks and tools available for everyone who wants to create portable code.

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