Sponsor Spotlight: Chaotic Earth

The Big Android BBQ is excited to announce that Chaotic Earth will be a brand new sponsor this year! We are excited to have them on board and suggest you stop by their table and check them out!

Company Overview:

Chaotic Earth LLC is a new start-up dedicated to increasing the awareness of your contacts as they are effected by natural disasters and other events. Where many disaster or weather related applications are focused on you, the user, Chaotic Earth is focused on the people or places you care about the most even if they are far away. The goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that the people you care about are either safe or alert you when they might need a little help.

The team is made up of three dedicated individuals who have a passion for helping others and want to see this application made into reality; Mason Rothman, Adam Simmons, and Marty Ballard.

Currently there is a alpha release of the web application available at http://www.chaoticearth.com. Feedback is welcomed and the team is very responsive to questions and suggestions so its highly encouraged that you give the first interaction of the application a spin. There is also a mobile application currently in development and they hope to show off that soon.

With all that said they could really use your help in making their dream a reality. They currently have a Indigogo campaign that they are using to help raise money to fund their initial development and get them off the ground. You can check that out here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chaotic-earth/

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