Press Release: IDEAA Announces Facebook as an Annual Partner for 2015

(February 27, 2015 - Seattle, Washington) The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) will be celebrating their new venture with the announcement of one of their newest annual sponsors - Facebook. Facebook is an online social networking service that connects families, friends and coworkers; giving people the opportunity to discover, share, and connect with the world around them.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Facebook. Our goal is to bring like-minded individuals together in one place to share ideas, moments, and connections. Facebook fits perfectly with our mission and values,” Aaron Kasten, IDEAA CEO.

In collaboration with Facebook, IDEAA will organize an event in Seattle, Washington in August of 2015. The event will follow the traditional BAMGTM structure, with a free Code KitchenTM followed by their signature networking event, the Big Android Meat & Greet (BAMG).

As an annual partner, Facebook will also be a part of the DC Code Kitchen + BAMG, I/O Extended Code Kitchen + BAMG, and the Big Android BBQ 6.

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Biography of Company:
The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance was developed: to broaden, build and maintain a visible program which fosters community support, provides for professional development, and enriches the overall mobile development community - through funding for programs and initiatives that foster innovation, creativity and education.

Press Contact:
Angelica Boiteux, VP Communications

Corry Robb, VP Operations