Sponsor Spotlight: WillowTree

The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) is excited to announce that WillowTree will be sponsoring the DC Code Kitchen and Big Android Meat & Greet! A team of top-notch android developers from WillowTree will be on hand in the Madison Auditorium at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. They will be serving up some delicious code challenges and assisting attendees that choose to tackle them. We've checked in with the WillowTree team and they've provided us a few details on some of their challenges:

  • Build a Bluetooth LE receiver that interacts with WillowTree's "Ukelele of Time" app and receives packets with specific information.  First three to build a working receiver will receive an ocarina!
  • Try your luck at our pumpkin shooting challenge using Google Cardboard.  The top scores of the day will earn prizes!

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Company Overview:

In 2007 WillowTree began building mobile apps. Today, they have built over 300. They are driven by a simple goal: deliver high quality software to their clients, and ensure projects run smoothly, strategically and predictably. Building you the best app possible is critical, so is the process it takes to get there.