Press Release: IDEAA Announces Call for Papers

IDEAA Announces Call for Papers
2015 Big Android BBQ Speaker Submissions are now open to Scholars, Experts and Enthusiasts

(July 22, 2015 - Hurst, Texas) The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) invites experts, scholars and enthusiasts in the mobile development industry to submit their papers, articles and reviews in the area of Android Performance for consideration to speak at the 2015 Big Android BBQ Delivered by Google Developers. Speakers will be chosen based on their technical knowledge of Android, their interpretation on current trends, and strategic views on the future of mobile development.

IDEAA is not only interested in seasoned speakers, but welcomes those who have dedicated their energy to changing the mobile landscape or educating the public on mobile development to submit papers, as well. Individuals with a genuine passion for development and sharing or those who have formulated a new way of viewing and working with Android are encouraged to apply. New speakers will be offered resources, workshops and guidance on how to present, as well as a contact to whom they can ask questions to at any time.

You can find more information on our Speaker Submissions page

Deadline for submissions is August 28, 2015.

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The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity headquartered in Texas and was developed to broaden, build and maintain a visible program which fosters community support, provides for professional development, and enriches the overall mobile development community - through funding for programs and initiatives that foster innovation, creativity and education.

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