Speaker Spotlight: Colt McAnlis

Colt McAnlis is currently a Developer Advocate for Google with a focus on Performance and Game Development. His focus within both Performance and Game Development, is within the Android and Chrome platforms, trying to bring the best that he can to our fingertips.

Colt McAnlis, Google Developer Advocate
Colt McAnlis
Previously, Colt has worked with Microsoft (Ensemble Studios) for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 and with Sony on the PlayStation 2. In addition to Microsoft and Sony, Colt worked for over 2 years with the Blizzard team on Hearthstone ­ Heroes of Warcraft.

In addition to the development experience that Colt has, he also has worked as a Professor at Southern Methodist University, so he will bring a teaching touch to his speaker session. Colt has an extensive development history, and will bring a great mind to the forefront as a speaker at the 2015 Big Android BBQ.

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